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Long lost friends aren't hard to find nowadays; you just need to look or search in the internet using the biggest search engine online Google and of course the largest community haven of the
Internet has been a good starting point for the search.Especially finding friends from childhood days even high school to College.I thank God that He allowed somebody to invent internet so as it'll be easier for us to find friends in the quickest time.
Through the midst of my digging the net in trying to find friends,I stumbled into the blogsite of my batchmate in OCNHS.The blogsite is entirely for the Sci-Hi batch 90.
Olongapo City National High School has two forms of academe-the Sci-Hi and the National School,but these two were in the same pillar and academy of OCNHS.
I was taken aback knowing the author of the blogsite is my neighbor and a childhood playmate.For 18 long years,we haven't seen each other nor having any scuttlebutt of each others whereabouts.Long before I came back to Olongapo from such a lengthy disappearance he was no longer in the nearby house but migrated to US with the rest of his family.
Honestly,my heart abounds with happiness seeing him online and successfully made his life in America.With all sincerity,we weren't that intimate as close since he was not fond of "Nangangapit Bahay" of sorts.During our high school days,he was in the Science High and I was in the National.
We just nodded our heads ecstatically the moment we'd met in the school campus and sometimes sharing our snacks.
Having someone you considerably a buddy promotes the rapid acquisition of friendship photos and messages display an emerged promising decoys through in a virtual world.
It so nice to see that you both grew up in the same place,time and was separated by distance and long silence,yet,growing old again commemorating the happy bygone days.
"As iron sharpens iron,a friend sharpens a friend."

This is Ariel Aquino my childhood playmate and a neighbor.

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