By Eric - 7:33 PM

"Any Man Can Be A Father ...But It Takes Someone SPECIAL to be A Dad!" according to Penny Parker.
I would like to take this time and opportunity to share very special someone to me...My Father.
As I've grown older,I've been able to see a much different perspective of a man I've always known. The years have led me where I am now, weathered with maturity and responsibilities. I can see much more clearly now the hardships, burdens of love, and the very many sacrifices he made for me and for our family. I don't believe we could have ever found a more dedicated father than what he's always been to us.
He was the reasons why I've known God opposite to the belief of my mother which was contrary to what I expect from her.
He taught me how to sacrifice,to be a God-fearing and most of all the lesson that I won't hold out is to be a good Prayerful man.
My father is a very prayerful man,religious,God-fearing,patient,humble,an image of a father that I could possibly imagine of a father in the world.What I like most of my father is his strong relationship to God that somehow I long to have with.I really wish to be like him in most cases.
To my father...I love you so much Pa...you are my hero,my confidante and my religious adviser....my greetings might be late,however,I still love to express Happy Father's Day to you and to all the Father's in the world.

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