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Going out of the country or visiting America in particular is one of my tenacious desires or childhood dreams.
Before the day of my graduation was a great controversy, worrying,thinking deeply where to go where to apply,etc.
I think that's the usual feelings of a coming newly grad,mixed emotions of happiness and worries for making the 4 long years of studying successful.Of course,worrying if there's a job awaiting at the gate welcoming you.
Before the formal day of my graduation,an offer came to me to work as Canvasser or let say Sales Representative in layman's term in Texas.
Of course,who wouldn't like to work in USA? who never dream of seeing America? I think 99% of Filipinos were dreaming of that.
Nonetheless,I grabbed the opportunity with the hope it would be a dream come was a guy from Ecuador who recruited me with some of the students in my school.
We excitedly attended the meeting which some of my batch unceasingly contacted thru text and email to the guy from Ecuador,hoping that they could be at the first list.
Seriously,the other went on selling their personal assets and properties just to avail the costly visa and other dues.
To no avail,and because I was also busy sending my resumes' locally and internationally with great hopes that I could land to a stable and good paying job.However,without my knowledged the recruiter called for a second major meeting without informing me,yet,friends who were part of it refused to give me a call nor text.
That announcement went like this,those who failed to attend the second major meeting won't be other words,I never receive the invitation and my name was blotted out.Honestly,I was really angry and frustrated to those whom I considered to be friends yet,pretentious but selfish individuals.
However,I was already accepted as teacher in a language Institute,at that moment when the announcement of those who were not included to fly for Texas..well, it was also a blessing in disguise, but I can't help myself to think of my batch who are enjoying their lives in USA right now and thinking puzzly how could those simple students made it to the US Embassy without any problems?
Truly,I still feel the pain of being betrayed.Herewith,are some of the pictures with my batchmate as they are enjoying the imported lives in US.I stole these pictures at their friendster accounts without asking permission.
But the persons behind of these pictures were good pals of no need to worry at all.The following pictures below owned by some good pals but they aren't the one I am mentioning above..they are innocent though.

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