By Eric - 8:11 PM

It's always good to see old friends back then.Before I came back here in Luzon,I ended studying at Cebu without much expecting that I would earned my first College course,which was eventually the choice of my parents due to the scholarship I obtain from BFAR.
That was the glorious years of the 1990's where I hit Cebu as my chosen place for studying.Much to my strong disagreement,my mother was adamant of my decision.
Afraid to be gradeless and nothingless, I went to Cebu with gusto because of the influential power of my cousin and friends.I never dreamed of going to Cebu but my friends were much more excited because of its tag "Queen City of the South".
Well,I was already in Cebu naive as I was,without idea what really exactly the nature of my course,yet,helpless so to speak.
To sum up,I honestly enjoyed my early youth at Cebu.I was even a member of dance troupe,actively participating the extra curricular.Unusual to carnal were the basic activities you thought to do while staying in the dormitory.
Meeting friends are the most common consumptions of every teen-agers while on the peak of adjusting College.For my 3 long years of studied in Cebu was a great memento to recall specially if you already constructed mutual friendships whom you never met for 13 years now.
Living in a small world as small world as it is,I never thought of meeting a former classmate back in Cebu.It started when I attended a christening in Pasay where another former classmate in Cebu was there attended too,because he happens to be the Uncle of the kid.Thats where I started to have link of my other classmates.
One whom I never imagined to meet in Tagaytay-who was not really so close,yet,a playboy then,had just arrived in the exact season which the length of years that we haven't met right after the graduation was indeed tiding and surprisingly meetings.
Just after the graduation that was 1994,I stayed for awhile in Mactan with the hope I could find my luck in Cebu city.Unfortunately,fate as we may called it seemed to be unkind,so I had decided to go back in Olongapo,then.
That oblivion prevails till I haven't expected that time will heals and brings you back the abandoned memories.So,I met up a former classmates in Tagaytay with his contemporaries in Seminary.....take's not on his personality then the image of an aspiring Priest.????????????????
We exchanged chit-chat as we were trying to dig out the buried time,which I considerately too much to forget.
It was a good temporal reunion but memorable one....time hadn't permitted us to talk for that long for they need to go back...Honestly, I am proud that both of us has changed not just only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.
Words that naturally came out were of deep and unfathomably unlike.
Seeing the other more were also at hand...wishing and pondering when it will come...if there is a bridge of rainbow that connects the other side,it would be easily to greet friends back home.

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