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I am awfully sorry for pulling the disappearing act for 7 days.It was during my leisure hours when I got the chance and began to engrave this short diary.
Reasonably, I had been occupied in some other work.I would have updated this blog if it's not being taken away from busyness.
Last August, I posted my trip experienced at Baguio.I relatively wrote at the coming part near the end of my writings "my up-close meetings" with a veteran Actress-Beauty Queen, whom I refused to mention as a respect to her, though,she had shown an inclement gesture because of the persistence I made of asking her for a picture taking, politely.
A week ago, while I was in SM-Dasma waiting for my friend, I had thought of dropping by at National Bookstore to avoid boredom.Instantaneously, while turning around towards the center of the bookstore, I was unpurposely passed through the Biographical section and saw this book " The Woman Without A Face".The picture was vividly clear to me that it was the young Pilar on front cover.
Immediately the recollections happened leading me to remember in what manner she swelled up by raising her voice at me.That paused me for awhile and took my time to reading half way of the book as it was the only one unwrapped with a plastic.
The book was written by herself-Pilar Pilapil was once a beauty queen representative to the Miss Universe before she joined the tumultuous world of showbiz.
Upon reading her personal testimony, my norms of passing judgment has changed and that's when I got to know her as an Actress and a person.She shamelessly revealed everything included the dark side of her life, how she went through the ups and down of life till she succeeded and found all the answers of her questionings through Christ.
I had learned of my reading on her book, that even celebrities and famous people aren't exempted of the problems coming in.What inspired me most was her strong personality as Pilar Pilapil as she is, amidst of the lewd act being done by a man-blood related to her.
She could have committed suicide in a way that her integrity was ruined, yet, she made it on top as a beauty queen and one of the most sought actresses in the country during her time.
She had failed in love several times to a different men with the hope she could find the right man for her. Her decisions of surrendering it all to God brings peace and happiness that settled her life to a woman with the face.
Well, I found myself entertained and amused of my reading.The moment you'll read her book the Pilar Pilapil whom we know as villain, antagonist both TV and movie is a different Pilar in person.
Many asked previously, why did I bother myself to have a picture taking with this not so old yet, mataray Actress?
Well, she's a veteran actress and considerably one of the pillars of the Philippine Movie.She's intelligent and one of a few local celebrities who can express herself in plain, yet, refine English.Lastly, she's a good actress  when we say a veteran, she made history.

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