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We took our Korean students to Puerto Azul as their special trip since they longed to see the fine beaches in the Philippines.
Sad to say,I wasn't satisfied of the trip which my expectations was a world class one.Puerto Azul was considered to be one of the best destinations for beach bummers...yet,it's not what you expected to see.
I was searching for the Puerto (rich)Azul (blue)around,yet, I couldnt find them...it's just the lushful greenery preserved forest.

Just to prove that I've been there.....This is the entrance way to the lobby area.The building were quite old and baroque...

Up on the way to the reception area...Seeing those hanging well decorated and designed shells gives the lobby more attractive and cozy.

The receiving area which is so wide and spacious...look impressived isn't it.The spiral design of the sailing was so breathtaking.

I stood and awe with that hanging pasted shells as chandeuliers(dont know the spelling)....I don't know exactly if it has bulb on it....but it's truly amazing.

The not so beautiful beach of Puerto Azul.....can you find the Puerto and the Azul there? Well,we tried to appreciate the beach..knowing that only the club members were aloud to visit the resort.

Sultanate style Resto........nobody eats there except us..ehehehee.But the foods were so expensive that almost drained your pocket.

My first jetski ride ever.....this was the most ecstatic part in Puerto Azul amidst of the disappointing beach.Down on to my crotch was Jack,goofin around in gayness as I was about to speed up for my jetski ride.

Golf course area...Teacher J-Anne and teacher Amor...exotic teachers with nice voices...really.Only the club members of Puerto Azul were aloud to play golf and take a splunge in the beach.

With our Students.....well,they were enjoying though.....We closed our mouth not to give negative comments about the beach.

Puerto Azul by 5 in the afternoon.....quite soothing and relaxing..Many from our korean students appreciate the sunset and took their time watching the sun went down.

Larry our student...looking towards the melancholic sunset....that's one of the most attracting site in Puerto Azul during afternoon....good for dating and rejuvenating for the weary soul.

Yours truly..recharging for awhile...see the beach? it's not that simply impressive but you'll enjoy the sunset and the jetski ride..believe me.

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