By Eric - 5:30 PM

The Jewel of Southern Laguna,Pagsanjan Falls.

There can be no pleasurable days in my life but to experience of being a visitant among the pride of the Philippines.
Since elementary,usual oft repeated phrases of our teachers that Philippines is rich in tourist attraction, and one of them is Pagsanjan Falls at Southern part of Laguna.
I can't imagine how thrilled it was to see the rapids of Pagsanjan Falls.At last,I can proudly say that I have been to places where you can only see at postcards.

On the way to the falls was filled with untouched forest....High and panting cliff covered with lushful grass and trees.

Amidst of the turbid water, countless kids and other adults enjoying their swimming in the river just to refresh their selves from the excruciating heat of summer.

Yours truly at Pagsanjan falls at my back.....just see how rapids and beautiful Pagsanjan in personal.I can't believe that I got the chance to visit the falls..but I am looking forward of visiting Pagsanjan again.

On the way to Pagsanjan..with our boatmen.One at the front and the other at the back...the way to Pagsanjan wasn't easy yet,ecstaticly thrilling.I can feel the agony of our boatmen how they go through of this kind of job with three passengers.

Colorful boats for rent at 650.00 per person.But don't just go on directly to those fixers at the road calling tourists for boating..they will charge you high.

Our Korean students on their way to the cascading falls of Pagsanjan.Koreans and Chinese tourists were the usual visitors who came just to see how beautiful Pagsanjan is.

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