Slam Book or Slam Note

By Eric - 1:54 AM

As a teacher, I don't normally post any school worksheets here in my personal blog. But this time, I was completely convinced myself to post one which I personally made. Back in the day slam book or slam note was a wide popular to the teenagers in my time. As far as my memory serves me right, every teenager in the 80s had been hooked on this.
Let me just clear it, Slam books were books that looked like autograph books. They would get passed around in school all the time. 
Once you were asked to sign in, you had to answer all the questions being provided in the slam book. That include asking about your fave singer, food, place, motto, ambition, etc.
Since my skills in the computer and editing has improved, I decided to make classroom worksheets where I could be benefited so as the other ESL teachers.
Herewith, I posted the slam book that I personally made.

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