Photo Diary: Jaunting Around the Island of Siquijor

By Eric - 7:48 AM

It's been a month that I was not around just to refurbish my blog. My life was in the center for loss and transition. I felt so darn lazy to think of what I was gonna post here, since my father passed away last August. I had no other in mind then but to go home in the Philippines and settle there for good. There I was, struggling so hard to cope the pain of loss.
 I believed the cause of my father's death  was he couldn't held anymore the loneliness he felt without my mother around. I fell into despair when my mother died & the death of my father too has deeply contributed to me falling deeper into depression.
A week after of my father's burial, I come to a decision of wandering around the island of Siquijor. I hired a guy to drive me everywhere with a friend who served as my tour guide. It was definitely a relief, and liberation of pain temporarily.
The island is truly blessed with so much beauty that magnetizes both the local and foreign visitors. It was pretty hot when we went all over the island but pleasing so to speak. To prove that I genuinely went around, here are some of the pictures that I took, verifying that Siquijor is a beauty.

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