School's Pathfinder Camp

By Eric - 5:59 AM

Sorry for the late update. It took me sometimes to get back into track normally, after the grieving process of loss. However, prayers from friends, family, and blood related kin have played important part of the quick healing.
Sure enough, the pain has slowly subsided although the feeling of longings is still there but it's not as painful as it was.
Again, God has proven His tender love & care to my family to fully recovering from aching so quickly. Things have normally back into place. Without His divine protection and providence ,prolly we might have been still bleeding till now.
Well, I didn't much update here since there's not much newsworthy to tell apart from the school's program that I am teaching with.
The kids from the school so as from the sister's school in Hatyai, had gone through a little rigid of militaristic training held in Royal Military Academy. Amidst of the excruciating heat of the scorching sun, the fun and outdoor activities were overloaded on its first day.
Here's to prove of the camps'first activities:

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