Home Sweet Home

By Eric - 2:28 AM

Two days before I left for Thailand, I asked my father to take me to our farm early morning to see how it is to be now. Our farm stood as a witness how so simple our lives back then and how it helped us to survive the pangs of poverty heretofore.
it also served as our playground while picking our favorite fruits like guavas, java plum, and Spanish plum. Parts of the farm  is a hilly area where you could see the horizon of the ocean and the archipelagic view Mindanao. As I went up to the hill, vivid pictures of my childhood flashed back the good old memories I have had peppered with so many longings. Yesterday was an unbeatable time as it wasn't corrupted by technology, but those days are gone.
There's no place like home sweet home because home is where your heart is. And it is politically true, I have spent my long holiday break at home in the Philippines.
Long before the holiday break, I came home to attend the wake of my mother. The homecoming was heartbreaking and frustrating 'çoz it was unexpected that I'd be going home early before holiday break with so much pain and agony.
Nevertheless, I came home as I made my promised to my parents that I'd be with them during holidays while working overseas for them. The excitement was incomparable seeing your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and old faces that you just normally see when I was still based home.
A lot has changed and things go differently as it used to be. New faces that I could hardly to recognize seems to grow.
Yet, I still love home though some old places and recognized landmarks have been replaced and torn down but the joy of being at home is safely relaxing and calm. The charm of the home is not as colorful since my mother passed away. However, my father has kept its lights remain decorated with family, friends, good neighbors, faith and love to God. That's why I love home.

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