The American Dream

By Eric - 5:09 AM

Since I was a kid it has always been my childhood dream to work and live in USA. I always believe that things are possible in America, opportunities are abundant in America, life would be better in America.
There has something in this country why every Asian specifically Philippines, would love to live and work there for good. That's why it's called the American Dream because everyone dreams about it, everyone wants a piece of it, everyone would experience the same blessings and happiness that everyone has been gone through.
As the other would say, The American Dream is becoming an absolute nightmare and life as we know it is about to change.
America is no longer The American Dream as it used to be. Honestly, one of the dreadful news that you could hear and read on the news are coming from USA, yet, I still have this longings that one day the Lord would bring me there.
Early of this year, like around of January - I applied for a Non-B visa in USA through a certain private organization of my church to be trained as medical missionary as it is also a dream that I need to fulfill. My heart was filled with mixed emotions of happiness, excitement, and fear at the same time. Fear that I might be declined or denied, truest as it can be, I got denied.
True enough, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't felt the agony of being declined by a dream that you always want to have. Everything slowly to fall to pieces and dreams shattered apart.

However, I never lose hope but keeping my desire and hopes up that one day God would grant my humble petition.
Upon roaming around the blogosphere, my roaming brought me to one of the blogs that I always check to I Dream of This.
Here is a piece of what Nathan had written about The American Dream.

That’s Arnold Schwarzenegger on his very first visit to New York in 1968.  It’s the face of a recent immigrant to the U.S. - one who sees nothing but unlimited possibilities before him…and somebody who fully explored those possibilities as he made the transition from professional athlete, to movie star, to best-selling author, to Governor of California - the eighth largest economy in the world.

This face is symbolic of the "American Dream"; the potential that America used to hold.  Sure, it's still attainable, but so many things seem different now.

A Changing World
By now, most of us are aware that China’s economy has surpassed that of the U.S.  Most recently, the “Father of Singapore”, Lee Kuan Yew passed away, and my Facebook news feed has been completely saturated with praise for both him and the country of Singapore.  Did you know that last year Singapore officially became the most expensive country in the world?  Even China has taken notes as this tiny country has risen to prominence.
It’s hard to imagine, because Singapore pulled this off in the span of just 50 years.  So what’s the point of all this?
The point is yes, America is a great country, but it seems like Asia is leaving us in the dust.  

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