Hottest Male Teacher in the World

By Eric - 10:10 PM

Blog update is a bit slow this time. School stuff occupied all my space and free time. I'm just new in the school - the adjusting process takes place till now.
Lately, I kept on posting about Vegetarian foodies that I have both tried in Cambodia and here in Thailand. This timed, I would go on differently but sharing this viral talks in the blogosphere about the Hottest Male Teacher in the World.
He's a bit intimidating yet, giving to boost to all males out there to try venturing into the field of teaching. This Italian dude, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering by profession but enjoying his work as Math teacher.
With that physique and good looks, would the students properly manage to pay attention to Maths? I doubt for that. He's been the talk of the town and sure enough becoming a public consumptions for females and gays alike. The pictures that he posted on his instagram account did all the talking how his good looks attracts the human kind.
He's not a threat nor a challenge for male teacher like me but indeed an inspiration that I should be look good always and taking care of myself.

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