Racism: Ugly Form of Collectivism

By Eric - 9:41 PM

I have flipped through on this story quite long ago and thought of re-posting this article when I saw it again in my FB timeline. My heart is bleeding while construing the entire story again and again. This short chronicle, brought me to mind about my experienced in Poland. It was a bit painful when people from not your own kind kept on staring at you head over heels and staying stand-offish because I'm brown.
The diminutive racial discrimination I went through in Poland was tolerable & not really that bad comparing to this (story). That I came to understand that Poland isn't much exposed to foreign with colored skin so as the shrilling historical background they had led them to behave such. Polish people aren't that so friendly and approachable, yet, I managed to survive ignoring those who refused to sit next to me (while on train).
However, that made me to apply the savoir-faire and do as the Polish do. Racial discrimination is still a big issue to solve in USA and other western countries in terms of race and skin color. We likely even gone through such  in our own kind everyday.
Herewith is the true story of Dorothy Rose.


This Racism Is Disgustingly Ugly. But She Obliterated It Without Batting An Eye.  http://www.viralnova.com/ugly-racism/

On the morning of September 4th, 1957, Dorothy Counts walked into an all-white high school for the very first time. She was African American. When she arrived, the only thing greeting her was evil and hatred, but she showed incredible courage in the face of adversity.

Dorothy was only 15 years-old when she bravely walked into a previously all-white high school.

Her arrival was greeted by crude signs, jeering and hatred.

                           Crowds of young boys spat at her and threw trash.

          It’s unbelievable that racism so ugly and hatred so fierce came from children.

                              All Dorothy wanted to do was attend high school.
The images that were taken that day made it to newspapers around the world.

 Dorothy Rose now, an advocate against racism in USA.
 Dorothy didn’t let the cruelty of others stand in her way. She never stooped to their level, remaining calm and collected no matter what was thrown her way. She teaches all of us – regardless of skin color – that it’s how we handle the evil of the world that truly matters.

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