In The Eyes of A Child - Siem Reap, Cambodia

By Eric - 6:49 AM

They said, kids don't tell lie. In the eyes of a child all things seem kind, innocence left undefiled. They give us the ability to see the world through their eyes.
Believe it or not, children have much to teach all adults of the beauty of life. All the pictures below are my collections of children's photos in Siem Reap Cambodia.
I learned that there are a lot of underprivileged kids in Cambodia. Some, have just grown up in the orphanage without knowing their parents at all.
Orphanages in Cambodia are scattered around, some are being run by foreigners.

                                                In the Eyes of the Child
In the eyes of the child, there was wonder and joy,
You could see his excitement at this sparkling new toy.
In the eyes of the parents, you could see their pride.
The love for their child, they did not try to hide.
In the eyes of the child, his parents were tall,
They would always be there should mishaps befall.
In the eyes of the parents, this time would not last.
This child became a teen-ager, and a man all too fast.
In the eyes of the child, his time had now come,
His parents disagreed, now he thought they were dumb.
In the eyes of the parents, he still needed to be led,
They could not understand what went on in his head.
The conflicts would come with the shouts and the screams.
Both the child and the parents thought, "There go our dreams."
But their love was still there though it lay deep beneath,
It was hard to see through harsh words and clenched teeth.
In the eyes of the child, life slowly became clearer.
And the love they shared once again drew them nearer
In the eyes of the parents, he began to mature,
Now he would make it, of that they were sure.
Then slowly and subtly, life started to change,
The mother showed behavior that seemed really strange.
A burnt pan at first, and then misplaced names,
It was clear that she was no longer the same.
This child's now a man and the roles are reversed.
It's a brand new act; they had no time to rehearse.
This parent, once strong, is now frail and weak,
For her mother and father she constantly seeks.
Her son tries to calm her, with voice ever so mild
But this man's now a stranger in the eyes of the child.

Disclaimer: The above poem belongs to this link " In The Eyes of A Child".

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