Travel Postcards: Angkor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia

By Eric - 8:12 AM

The chance of visiting the famous Angkor Wat is no longer an imagination to dream about. I see and saw it myself a couple of times personally since I came here, thanks to the Lord for the opportunity He's given me and I am enjoying it myself.
The temple isn't just an ordinary one that you normally see in Thailand, Vietnam or Myanmar, but the structures done, the designing idea and the engineering itself truly left you in awe and in marvel. Many travelers and tourists couldn't believe on their eyes how such a poor country would have come up of building a huge brilliant structures in the middle of the forest.
Many telltales and speculations that the Asian civilization started in Cambodia since the Angkor Wat is much older than Great Wall of China and the Chinese history. Well, whatever the issue is - Angkor Wat is among  of the world's top 10 landmarks being recommended to see before it's gone.
You would only see the ruins and its relics but, the remains of the old Hindu temples would give you a perfect view of the ancient times.

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