The Best is Yet to Come

By Eric - 10:24 PM

Sorry for the delayed post. Yes, I know I haven't blogged for a while, been busy of my oversea's applying so as doing my English twang tutorials for the Koreans, and getting back on the grind now.
Not just because I don't post here that much - I totally leave the blogging thing. I always getting this blog up and running & promise to share ideas what I'm cooking up.
I just simply love the text above, as you know - things have been so tight & difficult to describe since I arrived home for 6 months now. Plans has always been staying shortly in the Philippines, & back to my usual task of sharing my knowledge overseas in the form of teaching internationally.

Another cold lonesome Christmas again to celebrate, been asking what have I done so badly in the past that things is still so rough and tight till now? All tears have dried up & battered heart, no more words to say but my soul is in anguish. How long shall my unmitigated anguish continue?
They said, the best is yet to come. When is the best time to come? I'm so tired of being tired and tired of asking. Do prayer really works? I felt like talking to a wall when I pray, there's no answer or do the answer may be long and delayed?
My faith has been tested and dunno how far would I let myself to go, only heaven knows.

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