Photo Diary: Ifugao Rice Terraces ( Banaue and Batad ) Part II

By Eric - 12:47 AM

It has been a rough couple of days , yet, the memories of my trip in Ifugao still fresh and vivid, for that -I just letting my eyes to linger on the pictures. As I partially traveled through Ifugao with a friend, I still remained awed of the full view of the Rice Terraces in Banaue and Batad. Though, I got tired and drained of the long trekking in Batad still the urge of going back there freeze in mind.
Honestly, I wasn't perfectly satisfied of my trip there so as the time was pretty short and limited, yet, the beauty continue to lure me of learning and discovering the hidden part of Banaue and Batad, really - there's so much more to see that could not be seen by a half day trip alone.
That challenges me to pack my bag again and enjoy the off beaten path of Ifugao again. Well, usually time prevent me of going out again, and that I need to sort out.
Herewith, are some of the pixies that we just took up there.


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