Truly Enchanted and Be Enchanted - Siquijor

By Eric - 8:07 PM

Siquijor is a far cry from other places around Philippines, I am so proud of this island that it has not been influenced by much of the secularism and modernization of the world, though it's progress is pretty slow economically better yet, it has already attracted and enticed both locals and internationals to discover its enchanting beauty.
Who wouldn't be enchanted of this small paradise? The name itself would give an eerie glow feelings to every Filipinos if they'd heard Siquijor (because of the supernatural phenomena, etc) yet, as modern times strongly evolves the mind of every travelers demystify the island's rich in history, undeveloped beaches, caves, waterfalls, marine life, coral reefs, diving sites and other natural wonders. The Pictures below would explain more instead of making myself the Blah, Blahs.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos aren't mine but taken from another blog.

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