My Enchanted Home

By Eric - 8:17 PM

I rarely blog this time, neither updating it regularly - fund is so tight this time. So glad to be back blogging, I miss talking and voicing out what's inside of me emotionally.
So busy lately attending the European Biblical Crusade & accompanying the four European guys who were assigned in my church. Being with them for two weeks in the island was a good recollections that brought a lot of pictures that reminded me of Poland.
I truly miss being surrounded by white people and being stared at every now then. Moreover, I have this feelings of loneliness when I left home and leaving my parents away is a pain that is so hard to bear.
The enchanting beauty of the island of Siquijor never stopped me to love and long to stay more & explore its natural uniqueness yet, much to my regret I really have to bid my farewell & find a greener pasture for living. Pictures below will describe how the Europeans were enjoying their short stay in Siquijor.

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