Strangest Place I Slept

By Eric - 1:36 PM

One of the best things about travelling is not knowing where you gonna lay yourself to sleep, especially if you don't plan it. I find it so interesting and adventurous one when you try yourself to be led astray intentionally for once in your life. 
I found myself in Singapore in the middle of New Year's eve celebration mixing with the Indians sleeping outside of the train station without minding the cold floor and smelly drunk Indian men around. That was the strangest place I slept so far without any sleeping bag on or mattress.
To be exact, I didn't have a good sleep then...I woke up so tired and sleepy but it was a good experience, really. However, since it was an unplanned trip I wandered around the city walking without any breakfast, lunch nor shower till my feet brought me in a secluded park surrounded with tall trees taking a catnap with other Singaporean men sleeping on a different separated benches.

Photobucket Inside of the train station in Singapore.

in the city, without any breakfast nor lunch.

Felt myself so comfortable and safe while sleeping.

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