Interracial Marriage in Poland

By Eric - 12:07 AM

According to wikipedia - Interracial marriage occurs when two people of differing racial groups marry. I am not a newbie anymore of this mixed race marriage since most of my (women) kins had successfully found their happiness to their respective foreign husbands. Let me clear, when we say interracial marriage - race issues have come up specially if the color of the skin is the main point to every talk and blah blah around here or anywhere. Better yet, what matters most then is the focus of the marriage is LOVE, commitment and respect each other irrespective of the color of the skin. The other week, I went to a wedding because I was invited & they happened to be my friends, whom I just met here in Poland not so long ago. Practically, the girl is originally from Jamaica and the guy is from Poland which their love story began when the guy went backpacking to Jamaica & the rest of that ended to a so called "husband & wife". Aside from the obvious reason that they both comes from different countries the wedding rite was done in a modern-Polish wedding if I may say so. Moreover, it has also been my childhood dream to marry from or to a different race so long as not from Asia. I find it more colorful and lovely when you marry to someone far different from the color of your skin, language and belief. In fact, I had been to an interracial relationships while I was still in the midst of my studying in college. There are some undeniable truths, but a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding this issue that why I preferred marrying someone outside the canopy of my country or outside the vicinity of Asia? Well, that's gonna be a long discussion to talk about, the point is I don't see anything wrong on interracial marriage, to say the least, the pictures below are proving of a success relationships from different origins.

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