Talking to Myself

By Eric - 3:48 AM


I am suddenly feeling lonely now,I've been living abroad away from my friends and family for two years now and never felt the need to go find friends. I have managed to turn into a completely lonely person which I am still not able to stop wondering how I brought this on myself. I have become incredibly used to my loneliness, I am depended on it and yet I find myself surprised and disturbed by it every single day.
Thought of travelling & working abroad would erase my loneliness believing that half of my dreams has granted,yet, the longingness of complete happiness is still hard to gain. I tried to show my own parade and chased my loneliness away but being away from friends whom you've been with since then is irreplaceable.
I guess, I am still in the verge of adjusting myself to the environment that I am not familiar with. Poland is a beautiful country, so much to see but it added loneliness in me....Huuh, can't express the right words to say & surely you've gone to the same fate when you are abroad.


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