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It's been quite a while since I've last posted (Sorry for that,again). My lifestyle has been so different lately till now..I dunno why. I am getting so irritable,yet, trying to control it.

October 6: It's the first week of the month. One week more to go and I am leaving (pretty soon) the place where I considered home for a year. It's kind of hard to believe that I survive for a year in a place that is so peaceful and no recreation to amuse myself. Right now,I just dunno where I'm going to go for the reason that I entrusted everything unto the Lord. I notice how this world changes for its goods. Although I stumbled and fall and is still does it,yet, I let God to decide for me since my human-ness has no enough power to decide what's best for me.
I wanted to go home and see my parents. My heart is bleeding and there's no coldy night that I shedded a dipper of tears how I miss them so badly.
End of September, I went to Bangkok not just to go around and meeting friends but I ran errand for such a very important job. Wish that God would grant me this time too.
My contract supposedly lasted at the end of September but my head teacher asked me if I could still teach for two weeks of October.
The students were expecting that I won't be visibly seen in the school by October, shocking as it is I told them that I am given two weeks more to go.
Honestly, I'll be missing a lot of things in this little warm town and I just don't want to think of it. Yet, I know I have a lot of goals to accomplish before that. It's going to be a challenge as I am jobless and afloating for awhile, just as I am anticipating the result of my applications.
If I could just lay on the carpet of green grass and watch the blue sky, day dreaming just I used to do in the Philippines my missingness and worries would be temporarily gone.
Well, I entitle my blog "Wish Maker" 'coz I myself is a big wish maker since I learned to think deeply. The pictures here were recently taken.

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