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Has just arrived from a day and two nights in Vientiane, Laos or known to be as the city of Sandalwood in Southeast Asia.
It has been my second visit since last year of November when I exit for a Non-B visa purposes. Didn't get the chance to go around on my first trip there because of the rain that hindered me and to some of the foreigners who went to Laos just to obtain the same desire to get a visa at Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane Laos.
Since my school contract has just ended yesterday, exiting Laos is the main country in the eastern part of Asia for those who wish to get a long term visa extension and some visas.
Well, I don't wanna go into details of explaining about the process and why we need to go Laos, Cambodia or Malaysia for visa. That's just the way it is, the immigration in Bangkok refused to cater the needs of the foreigners if visa is the issue.
Now, lucky as it may seems my second exit to Laos was a bit fun when the opportunity to see the pride of the country was just beneath the distance of my eyes.
Without wasting time, I hit the road just where my feet leads me. Of course, I asked infos to the information clerk of the hotel where I stayed but the English and so as the accent was so bad and audibly hard to understand.
Anyway, I went around with two newfound friends from Philippines also enjoying a much needed trip.

Pha That Phung..famous site in Laos. on Twitpic

One of the biggest temple in Vientiane, Laos..but its under r... on Twitpic

Inside the compound of Pha That pagoda. on Twitpic

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A relic of a certain monk... on Twitpic

A worship hall down the alley of the pagoda. on Twitpic

Arch de Truimphe. on Twitpic

Vientiane's White house version. on Twitpic

World Peace Gong. on Twitpic

Laos's Communists advocate monument. on Twitpic

Laos Army's National Museum. on Twitpic

A fag monk of sort...LOL on Twitpic

Laos students on their traditional school uniform. on Twitpic

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