I came, I saw, I was

By Eric - 7:16 PM

It had been part of my earnest prayer, that the Lord might be so kind enough to answer my humble supplications by allowing me to go abroad..Simply to say, He granted it.
It's great when you get a chance to visit a new country, outside the boundary of your own. Didn't expect that Thailand would be the first country of choice by God, which its not too far from the Philippines.
Thailand wasn't really a sort of something that arouses the interest in me. Of course, I long to travel in USA and Europe basically a reknown historical countries that loves by everyone.
However, I did manage to take time out to absorb some of Thais culture as well as appreciate its beauty, knowing that it puts the most stamps to every white blonde tourists even to those acclaimed stylish travellers. I just thought why Thailand has been the most fave hub for English native speakers (they are the most in demand prey for a teaching job)and Europeans? I just simply discovered that amidst of the heat, the utter chaos, traffic and everything, Thailand has a unique blend of mystery and tame that is still unfolds.
Those temples, buddhas are pretty amazing even the world class photographers are still awed by its secrets and mystery.
For my six months stay in Thailand(now) I have been to different tourist destinations nearby even up to the farthest tourist spot in the country was already within my reached.
Pointing out some unexpected, I didn't consider the possibility as Hongkong and Macau would likely to be the target of my brief trip to the farther side of Thailand, just as I schematic the only neighboring countries around Thailand. (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore)
Laos is another mytical, one of those places that live as much in the imagination of buddhism incontrast to the unchanged communism mentalities of the people there. I didn't get the luck of going around. It wasn't much more on touring because it was partly an applying of visa in requiring to get a job permit.
Noentheless,I enjoyed my exiting to Laos, meeting different people coming from other countries. The most grandeur and full blast tour I had was in Hongkong, and 'am still looking forward of getting another one trip there in the near future.
Of course, a day trip in Macau was a kind of excitable too. An experience that wouldn't be traded by anything. Going to these beautiful places are just a beginning of my journey literally, I'm proud to say that I encountered the world; I came, I was, I saw.

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