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I haven't updated my blog for a quite sometimes, to say the least I am affected of a so-called financial drains in the midst of needs.
The sad thing is, it happens to me in the foreign land which I have no close relatives nor close-friends to call (to) for a rescue.
So, I was off-line for how many days and couldn't find time to check my emails and FB. I just got back from my exciting trip in Hongkong for 6 days and a one day trip in Macau which the tour was literally expensive.
Browsing the websites of Oggie and Ferdz are among (of) my leisures to get rid of boredoms and monotonous life here in the province of Thailand and of course keeping myself updated about the new bits of blogging especially in the Philippines.
The latest info that I got from Oggie was a posh hotel located in Manila that is practically cheaper for local and foreign travellers. I checked the website and it was really cheap for only 300 pesos a day.
In the days of financial constraints, checking to hotels like this is no longer a monetary painful to those who wish to unwind from the stressful life of the city. According to the frontal logo of GoHotels "a place for every Juan", which means everyone can afford to stay. Just thanking for Oggie or lagalog for this info which staying in this GoHotels was already a plan to be made when I get home...of course, it's gonna be a reward for myself and for my parents too.
According to Oggie; As a budget traveler, there's little more I can ask for. Besides, in the post-millennium recession world, more and more people are going back to the basic minimums if only to be able to continue traveling. For a budget traveler like me, that means making do with humble accommodations to leave more room (pun intended) in the budget for transport, sightseeing, food, etc. That may have to change when the concept of value hotels catches on here in the Philippines.

Additional words from Oggie:

One thing I like about this development is that the value hotel concept may just help elevate the standards of accommodations here in the country as inns and hotels will have to upgrade their offerings while keeping prices low and consumers can get quality accommodations (clean, upgraded amenities) at more affordable prices. (For example, the choice of having a chiropractic head pillow and the free wi-fi in-room are really nice touches). It's also good to be given a choice to pay only for facilities you actually avail of. No doubt, people will come here for different reasons -- as a family weekend escape, to catch up on sleep (especially for those who work in call centers), somewhere to hang out when it gets hot and noisy in the house -- but just the same, I think the value hotel concept is an idea whose time has come.

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