By Eric - 9:29 PM

I've been pretty busy with school, so haven't updated for a while. Last weekend was busy also, but worth blogging about!
It's been my four months and a half here in Thailand by now ,yet, so many things to discover bound to settlement.
Talking about the food, language barrier, culture and most especially conforming to my teaching conditions. These past two weeks were so extremely defatigable. My patience has been tested that I was almost tempted of giving up my teaching job here in Thailand.
The longer I teach the students, the lesser their interests to grow. And that made me looks so pathetic and a helpless foreign teacher...Poor Me.
I couldn't help but to sigh ceaselessly and feel sorry for myself. I tried everything and use all the resources that I could do, internet, videos and books, still the expression of excitement is obscure.
Futility as it may seems, I need to finish my contract so long as the Director of the school would terminate it in a shorter time.
Amounting to a small number of students have coming to my class everyday (except of course the section 1s) which signs of disinterested in Learning English, either they don't understand me or they feel bored or they just simply don't like me.
However,I am keeping myself at ease to avoid much affected and stressed over.

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