By Eric - 3:43 AM

I haven't been blogging on a few days. Haven't written anything here but keeping myself updated only on my Twitter. And I know I've been absent from blogging once again, but real life is taking over and I'm so out of time for everything for a while.
Last week, I went to Bangkok just to escape the deafening silence of the provincial environment..I just wanted to be deafened by the noise of the city for a short of time...miss the city life as well. Well, I want to experience the city life of Bangkok too different from Manila and different from the city that I grew up to. Be lost in the wildness of city life in Bangkok.
No comparison, I like Bangkok than Manila, theyare more organized and cleaned than Manila. Bangkok is more technologically progressive, wherever you go around the city nobody would approach you and try to swindle nor snatch your things or cellphone...that I am not proud about Manila.
On the other hand, I was meeting a male friend who just worked as missionary in the Northeast part of Thailand and mind you it's my first Sabbath worship too in Thailand.
During my weekend at Bangkok, I formally met some Pinoys who just work in Bangkok too. They took us at Siam Park which is an equivalent to Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines.
The Park wasn't quite impressive to me since Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines is better than that of Siam in Bangkok..anyway, was enjoying for a while with newfound friends.

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