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After the Pinatubo eruptions,partly Subic and Olongapo was devastatedly destroyed.
Dick Gordon known to be the Father of Subic-Olongapo bravely led the whole Olongaponians to save the dying hopes that Olongapo would still be progressively recover from the great waterloo inspite of the abandon of the Americans.
20 years had passed (aftermath),Olongapo-Subic normally surviving and back to its usual life though its no longer as lively as it used to be.
Subic specifically was and is still half way on the boom attracting the locals and internationals to regain its great loss.Being a citizen of Olongapo, my only chance to visit the place I once called America is during vacations and holidays.Chances are, I indulge and seize the short moment to wander aimlessly around SUbic, the little America as I called it then.
First week of July was another moment I got,just to see Subic once more..fresh from the hustle bustle of the Metropolitan.I decided to call my friend to come over and accompany me to see the pride of Subic.Unhesitatingly, he flew in right away with gusto and without wasting any second, we drove up as the taxi we rented for 400Php brought us into the midst of the greeney and thick forest in the heart of Subic.
The driving took us awhile as it is practically far from the center of Subic's attraction.I couldnt help but to peep out of the window searching the remains and relics of the Americans during heydays.
Frustratingly, I could no longer found some of the landmarks of the Naval Base but newly constructed infrastructure and other establishments.
The Zoobic Safari is located in the heart of SBMA preserved forest. The entrance wasn't that much expensive but satisfactory if you'll just diligent enough to wait the 5 minutes introduction and briefing before the zoo attendant takes you around.
Various of endangered species in the country can simply be found in Zoobic Safari.
Shamelessly to say, it was my second time to visit a certain zoo which I got my first chance was in Tagaytay zoo.
I'm looking forward of going home to Olongapo again and enjoy my adventure in Subic, hopefully in Ocean Adventure.

The entrance going to the Zoo

Very safari...

Preserved carcass of Philippine boar and ostrich at the bone museum.

Tunnel made by the of the landmarks

Philippine endangered fresh water crocodiles.

A close encountered with the we were toured around the wild safari.

Going to the Aeta's trail..they were the original settlers of Subic before the Americans came to put up their military base.

Crocodalia area's where every visitors is allowed to feed the crocodile.

An amazing pets trained for a show......

Wild Nepalian tiger.......its the biggest so far in the country.

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