Philippine Local Celebrities Fave Scents

By Eric - 7:45 AM

The longest blog absent that I did so far was this year. It took me so many months to dish out or update since so many things had happened. The journey was truly indeed a bumpy ride and a mix of smooth.
Blogging would always be one of my fave hobbies, but there are times that circumstances hinder me to write something though my feelings would always say, do it now. I have so many worthy stories to tell here since this is my personal online journal. But let me start by sharing the Philippine Local Celebrities Favorite Scents.
Like what I said in my previous posts, I do love collecting branded scents and I started doing it since I can already afford to buy one. So far, I have 12 collections to be exact and the most vintage one I had was Obsession by Calvin Klein.
Nevertheless, it's not I that I am going to feature here but the local celebrities of the Philippines, and let's start with:

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