When My Mother Passed Away

By Eric - 7:55 AM

Losing a mother is a broken beyond repair and considerably the most traumatizing, devastating, experience in life. Can't explain the pain I have been through right now, wishing I could turn back time and spend more time with her and my father. There was nothing beautiful not seeing her around at all. 
Among of the greatest fears that I have is loosing someone that I love. True enough, it happened in my family.
The pain was excruciating and unbearable. If I had the chance to meet her one last time I would just ask her to hug me as tightly as she can, rest my head on her shoulders and cry till my tears run dry. I miss her so dearly to the moon and back. I miss her voice, I miss her everything about her. Though we usually argue and feud most often, the love of my mother to me was immeasurable and unfathomable.  
As I age, I begin to realize the value of a mother's love and the enormous depth of her commitment to me. Feeling guilty and wicked as I look back the time I answered back and raised my voice at her..which was the usual mother and son feud.
Right now, the maternal tenderness which is very hard to remove from the heart there remains the distant memories and the strong desire to see my Mother once again.

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