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By Eric - 5:13 AM

Thanks to Lookbook online fashion blog for the updates. I am always been a reader of this top online fashion blog-style since 2011. As a clothes lover, I always need to be on the bring up-to-date since I love clothes. Hand me down clothing is always on my top as it is cheaper and no one wears similar to mine. I might be a selfish on this part but, practically speaking, I am gaga over hand-me-down clothes.
Anyway, these are the latest fashion and fine street style for me, that I love to have for this year.

Love the combination, but the long sleeve really makes me to fall in love.

This checkered sleeve reminds me of my Sprit shirt...I'd definitely buy a new one similar to this. 

Again, the floral sleeve makes me fall in love....

I am having a hard time of looking a yellow belt here in Thailand closely alike to this...

Wish I could own a vintage cam so like that...after all, love the accessories. 

Love everything he wore, would definitely get one for this year...the corduroy pants is fantastic. 

I love the mint green cool, not so overly-colored.

Hmmm..the green attracts me.

Wish I could find a sleeve just like this in Bangkok.

I have a long sleeve which is pretty similar to this, but mine was a plain blue and the pocket was striped. shoes....I guess, I'll try one-if I could carry it well.

So classy and the sleeve.

So like the necktie and long sleeve.

So like the all black motif here. The short pants is in now.

 I would love to have a floral shorts so as a blazer....

This guy nailed the style and the blending of the colors.

The floral shirt is so cool.

Wow....I don't know if I could carry it well, if I'd wear both the shirt and the trouser.

Simply classic...this guy reminds me that I need to lower down my weights.

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