A Prayer In Times of Waiting

By Eric - 6:47 PM

Prayer is simply talking with God, we can easily wrestle and discuss with Him our worries, struggles, etc. He loves our honest and sincere, heartfelt prayers and He cares deeply every details of our prayer specially when we ask something from Him. I am honestly been a believer for so many years but I need a little inspiration in my prayer life. At all times, I tend to repeat the same prayers over and over again, however, God is deeply reading and feels whatever our hearts has to say.
As I got up early morning from a calmly night slumber, I would always grab a devotional book to read since I could no longer clearly read my Bible because of its small font.
I just accidentally grabbed a very touching devotional book that tells everyone's prayer. It's because I am waiting a certain break which I believe would somehow molds and shape me as a person, rightly I search the index where I could easily find the specific humble supplication which I long to pray for.
Let me share a very touching prayer which everyone of us are waiting something for the Lord's approval in every petitions we ask for.

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When God Answers, "Wait"

Lord My Father,
You have promised me victory over the sin and weakness in my life, so why do I have to wait for it? Why must I still struggle after I have given my life to you? Am I not ready to handle success? Would I become too proud? Would I quickly be defeated again? Lord, please forgive my impatience. Calm my anxious thoughts. I know I can trust you as I wait, because you never waste time. Keep my heart focused on you as I wait for your perfect timing.

"Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act". Psalm 37:7

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