The 25 Friends You Make At College

By Eric - 4:33 AM

Found this a so true article that tells about the kid of friends that you will meet somehow in College. But some of it might not be applicable to others, yet, it's still true based on my experienced so as those friends are still my best buddies. The reason I posted it here because I basically could relate the article.
If you found this true and got the experience of meeting 25 Friends you make in College then, welcome to the club.

1. The Overachiever

Defining Traits: This person is president, chair, captain, or founder of every club they’re in. And they’re in 16 clubs.
You’re Friends Because: Being around them is like being around a human pep talk. They make you want to step up your game.
Catchphrase: “Sorry, gotta run to a meeting.”

2. The Genuine Academic

Defining Traits: They have read more books than you’ve seen in your whole life… Not because it’s assigned, but because they’re interested in the world.
You’re Friends Because: Let’s be real. Without them around to explain things to you, you’d be an idiot.
Catchphrase: “Yeah, The Atlantic had a story about it last month.”

3. The Musical Theatre Kid

Defining Traits: The only thing more overwhelming than their incredible Broadway-caliber talent is their incessant Facebook invites.
You’re Friends Because: Interacting with this person is like being hit by a ball of positive energy and sunshine and song.
Catchphrase: “Get tickets now, they’re selling out fast!”

4. The Wall Streeter

Defining Traits: Usually spotted power-walking to or from somewhere, carrying a resume folder, wearing a suit. Can smooth-talk anyone into anything. 
You’re Friends Because: This person is a truly inspiring embodiment of the “work hard, play hard” life philosophy. Best companion for all-nighters.
Catchphrase: “Let me check my calendar and get back to you.”

5. The Party

Defining Traits: This person isn’t the partygoer, or the party planner, or even the life of the party. They literally ARE the party. 
You’re Friends Because: They’re in an exclusive relationship with debauchery. You love fun. They are fun. Your wildest nights are with this person.
Catchphrase: “Who cares if it’s illegal?”

6. The Start-Up Whiz.

Defining Traits: They have a different genius business idea every week. Swear they thought of Twitter before Twitter thought of Twitter.
You’re Friends Because: It’s nice to see someone so genuinely excited about making life easier. And you never know when they’ll drop out. 
Catchphrase: “The next big thing.”

7. The A Cappella Star

Defining Traits: Favorite movie = Pitch Perfect. Favorite pastime = harmonizing. Favorite use of social media = inviting you to concerts.
You’re Friends Because: You’ve always dreamt of having a soundtrack to your life. And it’s nice to be serenaded. 
Catchphrase: “Dooo-wop-di-doop-doooo.”

8. The English Major

Defining Traits: Uncontrollable instinct to correct your grammar, speaks half in literary quotations, has etched a couplet into their desk at some point.
You’re Friends Because: You need someone to proofread your papers… And keep you literate.
Catchphrase: “The book is so much better, you guys.”

9. The Film Kid

Defining Traits: Always inviting you to script readings, auditions, sets, and screenings. Broke because they spent all their money on a new lens. Saving up to move to L.A.
You’re Friends Because: You get to be an extra in all sorts of crazy projects.
Catchphrase: “Do you know any good boom ops?”

10. The Dealer

Defining Traits: Running a small business out of their dorm room, frenemies with the RA, best friends with the film kid.
You’re Friends Because: I meeeean…
Catchphrase: “How much you want?”

11. The Hot Mess Express

Defining Traits: Always hot off a breakup, always texting someone they shouldn’t be texting, always making questionable decisions.
You’re Friends Because: You were there once. And they keep you young.
Catchphrase: “Why does this shit keep happening to me?”

12. The Athlete

Defining Traits: They’re two different people depending on whether or not their sport is in season. Disciplined as all hell. Sweatpant chic.
You’re Friends Because: Their perfect and able body motivates you to put down the Cheetos and pick up the dumbbells.
Catchphrase: “Sorry, man, gotta run to practice.”

13. The RA

Defining Traits: Usually in sweats, asking you to come to a floor event, and begrudgingly, reluctantly, inadvertently getting people in trouble.
You’re Friends Because: OK, despite all that other stuff, this person is super responsible and safe and comforting to have around.
Catchphrase: “There’ll be free food, guys!”

14. The Social Justice Academic

Defining Traits: Great at identifying oppressive constructs, paradigms, and norms. Great at explaining what all of those words mean. 

You’re Friends Because: Every moment you spend with them, you become a slightly better person.

Catchphrase: “That’s a little problematic…”

15. The Activist

Defining Traits: Friends with No. 14 even though they butt heads sometimes. Short-tempered but well-meaning. Expert at raising hell.
You’re Friends Because: You like knowing where the coolest protests, counter-protests, and counter-counter-protests are going down.
Catchphrase: “Fuck the police.”

16. The Slacker Genius

Defining Traits: They go out more than you and get better grades than you. You’ve never witnessed them doing homework, but the homework is always done.
You’re Friends Because: We all need heroes.
Catchphrase: “Wanna get high?”

17. The Alternative Friend

Defining Traits: Cooler clothes than you, cooler musical taste than you, cooler hobbies than you, cooler parties than you, cooler weekend plans than you.
You’re Friends Because: Refer to “Defining Traits.”
Catchphrase: “I’m not a hipster, man.”

18. The Cool International Kid

Defining Traits: Lots of scarves, probably a hint of a cool accent, jet-lagged for the first half of every semester.
You’re Friends Because: Worldliness and culture rub off, right? Well, you can always live vicariously through their stories.
Catchphrase: “Well, when I was in [insert exotic country here]…”

19. The Comedian

Defining Traits: Member of at least one improv group. Always doing stand-up at bars. MC of every major campus event.
You’re Friends Because: You like laughter and you like happiness and those are things this person provides.
Catchphrase: “So a guy walked into a bar…”

20. The Environment Nut

Defining Traits: Basically in a relationship with planet Earth, majoring in Sustainable Development, only wears green.
You’re Friends Because: You loved Captain Planet as a kid and they’re basically Captain Planet for grown-ups.
Catchphrase: “You’re gonna recycle that, right?”

21. The Francophile

Defining Traits: Totally inexplicable French accent (seeing as they’re from L.A.), incorrigible cigarette habit, watch strictly black & white movies.
You’re Friends Because: Their coolness gives you something to aspire to.
Catchphrase: “Oh, you haven’t heard of it? It’s big in France.”

22. The Internet Savvy

Defining Traits: Live-tweeting expert. Everything on their Facebook gets over 50 likes. Use hashtags and abbreviations IRL. Higher Klout score than you. 
You’re Friends Because: You need someone to text asking what “IRL” and “Klout” mean.
Catchphrase: “Omg, one sec, I wanna Instagram this really quick.”

23. The Studio Art Major

Defining Traits: Out of commission for several hours at a time because they’re in the studio. Stare at your face with uncomfortable intensity.
You’re Friends Because: It’s kinda cool knowing someone who can create things out of nothing.
Catchphrase: “It isn’t done yet, but what do you think?”

24. The Couple

Defining Traits: Met during fall of freshman year, attached at the hip ever since. Everyone jokes about them getting married soon…but it’s not a joke.
You’re Friends Because: As much as you envy and loathe them, it’s nice to be reminded that true love exists. Also they’re adorable.
Catchphrase: “Yup, we should be able to make it!”

25. The Socialite

Defining Traits: Nobody knows why or how they know this person but literally everybody knows this person. BFFs with the bouncer at the campus bar.
You’re Friends Because: I mean, who knows? But they’re super nice and you don’t mind it so…
Catchphrase: “Oh my god, it is SO good to see you!”

Texts Source: The Buzzfeed

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