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By Eric - 6:58 AM

I have failed to update my blog for a couple of days, because of the bad connections. This time still the internet connections isn't as good as it used to be.
Handling kids like primary was the least kind of teaching that I would like to do the reason I took up Secondary. Teaching kids has been my second time prior to my first taste of experienced in Poland. As far as it gets, I started to appreciate teaching Elementary with less worry but enjoyment as I would have thought it's something that might drains me physically.
To my enjoyment, the thought of decorating my room has been seriously in mind. I deeply searched the possible classroom decorations that I could simply copy but with a little twist of my own version so that I won't be ended up as a copy cat.
Lo and behold, I found a couple of interesting pictures online that I simply copied the style. Nonetheless, my Khmer students have found it so cute and interesting. Herewith, are the pictures of my classroom decors that I made taken from a phone camera of my student.

My classroom window decor.

The original version which I have copied.

My classroom door decor with a little twist of my own version.

The welcome part which I followed.

My classroom library with trees from the Lorax theme and a poster of a boy reading up on a tree.

The original version of Lorax trees which I copied.

and the boy reading a book on a tree.

Part of the classroom library which I hang the info sheets of my students.

Honestly speaking, I am not really good in decorating. The cleaning part and arranging are the only thing I am most particular of.

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