Travel Photos: Ruins, Monks, People - Siem Reap Cambodia

By Eric - 11:20 PM

I am a kind of person who doesn't love much of going to recreation area, so long as I could see touristic places such as ruins, relics, and landmarks of a country.
That reminds me of the time when I was still in Thailand teaching, and no one did dare to come with me just to see those temples in Bangkok.
On the contrary, most Filipinos laughed at me and find me weird because of my tenacious desire to see those temples and mingling with the monks. Well, just as what I would always say, I am a backpacker or traveler not a tourist of sort.
Siem Reap - Cambodia is one of the most visited places in Southeast Asia because of the famous Angkor Wat. Even the re-known travel photographers and travelers in the world, won't mind the long distance trip so long as they could see the famous Angkor Wat and take a snapshot of it.
There's no other temples in the world would match the grandeur and the structure designing of Angkor Wat. It made me so jealous to know the huge numbers of foreign visitors in Siem Reap coming every year just to see the famous temple, with the hope my country Philippines would have the same amount of tourist coming in.
The structure of the Angkor temples would always bring me to a different dimensions thinking how the Cambodians would have thought of creating such a marvelous design. There wasn't technology and other stuff back then to help the Khmers to design it by themselves, yet, they done it perfectly. No doubts, why Thailand and Vietnam were trying to occupy Cambodia back then.

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