The Beauty of Ifugao Rice Terraces

By Eric - 2:30 AM

'Twas a long week end when a good friend (thanks Michael O.for the treat) and I packed our bags headed up north of Philippines pride the Ifugao Rice Terraces.
The trip was rainy and foggy yet, it didn't hinder our plan to see this World's wonder.
Arriving at Banaue got my goose pimples up, it's really amazing and irreplaceable. 
I just found out that Batad is a different & far from Banaue that you really have to condition your legs for a long trekking. And it is the World Heritage Site by UNESCO while Banaue is the 8th Wonder's of the World. 
After all, I just noticed that I could no longer produces a lot of adrenaline in me for a long, far, steeply places as my knee caps started to ache. 
Biblically speaking,when tribulation comes I'd be among of those unable to run and walk on slopes and hardest places to trek, but then for sure God will send His angels for that matter.
After all, Banaue and Batad terraces are in danger, young people of today finding no pleasures of saving it just as their ancestors were expecting them to be.

 My trip to Banaue is incomparable.

The mushrooming of houses in Banaue, that doesn't beautify the place.

     UNESCO World Heritage, Batad Rice Terraces.

     This place truly wowed me.

Tappiya falls,down beneath the steeply hills of Batad.

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