Philippines - Home at Last

By Eric - 11:50 PM

Haven't updated my blog so far, been temporarily disconnected for a while. I just got back from a 16 hours flight heading home from Poland. It was an awkward feeling at first after being away for 17 long years to a place I called home as well. Everything was a bit strange & new as I didn't recognize some of the people around at all.
Being home at last, is a relief from homesickness after being away from my parents for a long time. There was a bit adjustment I made, yet, being with them is like a safe refuge, however, seeing them growing old worries me a lot. I felt like a stranger or a local tourist in my own place, people never stopped staring at me such as I am wrongly thought of a foreigner.
As a newbie backpacker & a traveller, I couldn't help but wander around and check what else the island has to offer and one of the talk resorts in the island (Kawayan Beach Resort) isn't far from my whereabouts, the  proof are just rightly down here.

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