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"No amount of text message can equal one treasured moment of conversation between friends whose voices have been muted with decades,long silence and separation-Jose F. Sarzosa,Jr."

Friends may come and go,but in the world of friendship you need to treasure and value them whether they remain to be True or Not.I believe in an adage,there's always a room for every friends as long as you don't close you door,exclusively.
When I began my college in the 90's,I was really expecting that another sets of friends would possibly be made which the entire years of staying in College wasn't the gauge of your friendship.
My College days in Cebu was among the years that I was enjoying the most.Of course,I have had built another circle of friends which I believed somehow would leave a lifetime trails.Looking back when life was so simple,unhurried,and unspoiled,happiness with the people whom I considered friends back in College (Cebu State College of Science & Technology)was unbridled,uncomplicated yet pure because of the willingness and trust that we had implanted each others,was so hard to bury in oblivion though it was covered with long 14 years of gap,separation, and distance yet it will always prevails into remembrance to see the significance of how important you are for them.
It was then that we were young,well-built of freshness,and admired by those who follow us.Our life then was gained speed but not too frenetic,it was when happiness wasn't dictated too much of technology because cell phone and internet wasn't born yet in our times,the reasons the ties that binds us wasn't prone to breakage.
When our times in College has to end and peaked too soon we need to separate our ways back to our respective provinces no matter how hard it was for us as we forcibly to choose our own destinations with priorities in life.
When days have becoming months,years and decades our pictures of remembrance back in College had slowly fading away till it was tossed and carried by a condition of forgetting our mementos.
Living in a small world that we have,crossing our path unintentionally wasn't the plan nor expectational to regard of holding back but reminiscing the good old days and fond memories we had back then.Thanks for the technology that continually updating us and connecting us,is the tool that we are using to link each other again.
Obstacles of finding them didn't deter me from seeking a way to make a contact with them,and true indeed we found each other.From the cold mountains of Alaska to the scorching desert of Sahara;from the towering building corporates of America to the mining fields of Africa;from the royal palaces of England to the fine hotels in Asia;from the land of the rising sun to the Island Down Under;from North to South,East to West.As what Mr.Jose Sarsoza says;"No amount of text message can equal one treasured moment of conversation between friends whose voices have been muted with decades,long silence and separation"....again we exchange text and views each other profile on friendster just to see how we changed physically for 14 long years of silence.Since we started exchanging text untimely,it marks a day to remember the seed of flashing back the friendship that was being planted as it is progressively growing.
Creating a good foundation of ties that binds us together won't loose into breakage though it was enveloped by long years of separation but the foundation is always there to hold us in point.
I thank God for helping me to bring back the yesteryears I have with these people whom I called friends back in Cebu CSCST-CFT batch '94.Herewith,are among the pics of my so called-friends which I have found in friendster.

This is Jasmin...a dear close pal in College.

Seth..a songbird in our times,who's now enjoying her newfound life in England.

Rachel Anne,enjoying her life as a successful mother.

Another pal Romeo Coronel, an aspiring Priest soon to be.

Unfading close pal way back then..Rosaleo..

A marine major who is now a Police...Andy.

One of the brightest students in my College days;Florencio Noynay

Hearing this song,brings me back in time always..the reason I chose it for remembering the happy bygone days I had in CSCST-CFT,Cebu.It's like trying to remember the kind of September.I love to dedicate this song to the following pictures above whom I have found online that considerably among the friends I had in College.For 14 years in existence,we finally emerged from the shadows of the past to chart a new beginning with a heart that seek to rediscover our lost friendship but solidifying it more.

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