Friday, June 10, 2022

A Simple Act of Kindness

I was reconnecting with a former high school classmate (2nd-year high school or 7th grade) who is now a retired US Army officer. 
I would have failed my Practical Arts (Automotive) subject if it hadn't been for him. Life was simple but unforgettable when I was in high school. My Practical Arts teacher told us in 2nd-year high school to group ourselves (by 3s or 4) & spend enough money on our Automotive project. Because money was tight and my parents couldn't manage to fund my project, I decided to accept the failing grade.
As a result, I couldn't join any groups and was left painfully alone while the others began contributing to the project. Sherwin Cruz, whom I dubbed a Good Samaritan, arrived late to class; our teacher immediately paired me with him, promptly Sherwin took out his money and handed it to our teacher without hesitation.
I told him I didn't have any money to share, and our teacher quickly informed me that I'd failed, to which I replied: My parents had accepted the fate that I'd fail.  Sherwin Cruz, the Good Samaritan he was, quickly said, "I will pay for you." Prolly, Sherwin didn't realize the magnitude effect on how he saved me that day. That moment, and the act of kindness he performed, will live with me forever. His mother privately messages me after his relative (in the Philippines) saw my comment on my high school classmate's post mentioning Sherwin Cruz's name.

I had not expected my reactions to a high school friend's post about a poor 5th-grade boy's article (to) lead to our reconnecting and me expressing my gratitude.
A simple act of kindness can truly make a difference.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Countryside Living

      As the sun tries to stow away not far away, I couldn't help but admire and respect nature's magnificence. This prompted me to recall my more youthful years. Life's simplicity and freedom are freely provided.
      This is why I enjoy living in the province. The simplicity of one's lifestyle. Consider the outside air. You can eat without breaking the bank. Vegetables can be grown on your own lawn, whereas in the city, everything is expensive. When it comes to my homesteading to-do list, I'm extremely vocal. To have a simple house to live in, even if it is on a small plot of land in the province so that I can grow vegetables and organic products on my lawn.
     My friends and I would spend the entire day running and playing Filipino traditional games back when PCs and cell phones were not invented yet, and when kids actually liked to get dirty and sweaty.
     Growing up in this area of life has kept me interested. I enjoy the sensation of getting lost in the plants as I walk from our house to school each day. I love how we have the opportunity and energy to pause and talk with one another. I adore how everyone knows everyone else.
Furthermore, the beaches and mountains can be reached in a matter of minutes!
Where your heart should be is debatable. Regardless, mine has a home where my house is. I long for the days of my childhood!

Disclaimer: Photos are not my personal collections but taken from a friend's FB account                          and some are provided by Google.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Philippine Local Celebrities Fave Scents Part 14

For millennia, people have adorned themselves with beautiful fragrances. Why? All things considered because they make you smell incredible. 
Aroma is frequently thought to be an unnecessary luxury. As far as I'm concerned, I accept fragrance as a requirement. I accept that aroma is an essential component of your wardrobe, outfits, and personality. Scents encapsulate our sense of self. They reveal our identity to others and the rest of the world. Above all, they reaffirm who we are to ourselves and become a part of our personality.
Most importantly, fragrances evoke emotions and evoke memories; your scent is your personality; it supports your temperament. That's why I'm so fond of scents!

Jolina's scents

Kaye Abad Santos's scent

Lani Misalucha's fave scents.

Maricel Soriano's scent - Coach Flower

Pia Wurtzbach's scent - Versace

Pops Fernandez's scent

Ruffa Gutierrez's scents

Tim Yap is wearing this

Tirso Cruz is wearing this

Yayo Aguila's fave scents

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Pictures of Home: Siquijor Part 1

Home is always where the heart is. It might not be applicable to some, but for me it always is. Never been home for three years now due to the attach of this pandemic.
It's possible to go home but I needed to go through such hassle and rigid quarantine and all these swab testing things.
I believe God would lead me home sooner and involving Him is essential. 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of those pictures posted below, but rightfully owned by someone.

A Simple Act of Kindness